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Custom Boarding School Lice Prevention and Treatment Packages

A lice infestation at a boarding school requires comprehensive treatment given the close proximity of students in the dormitories. My custom boarding school lice treatment package will provide effective and efficient lice removal.

The First Step is Lice and Nit Removal

boarding-school-lice-treatmentThe first step is to check the infected students and evaluate the extent of the infestation and develop an action plan.  At this time, an all-natural lice killing treatment will be applied for those students who have active lice or nits. (It is always recommended to check students that come in close contact with the infected students, such as roommates, teammates, siblings or close friends.)

The following day I will return and remove all lice and nits from the treated students. Each student’s head will be thoroughly examined, strand by strand, removing all dead lice and approximately 90% of the nits (eggs) during the first check. In one week I will return to remove the remaining 10% of the nits.

Next, we take care of the dormitory rooms and laundry

Working together with boarding students I will help them strip beds, vacuum (dorm room only), and bag items that can’t be washed. Students will place all clothing, winter hats, jackets, towels, blankets, sheets, pillowcases, and anything else that is washable will be placed in a light-colors or dark-colors fabric laundry bag. Either my assistant or myself will launder all items at the local laundry mat. If any clothing or belongings need to be dry cleaned, arrangements to do so will be made.

*Extra sheets and pillows cases should be loaned out to the infected students from the Health Center, so it is possible for them to change their sheets daily.

Finally, I make sure students know how to complete the treatment

To ensure complete treatment and lice elimination, I provide each student with the understanding and practical steps they need to take. Students will be given an instruction card explaining tasks that should be done on a daily basis for the next 2 weeks.

How much does it cost?

Parents will be billed directly for Lice and Nit removal services.  The cost is $75 / hour with a minimum of $150 per trip.  Head checks for other students such as roommates, teammates and siblings are $4 / per head.