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Crazy Questions for Kristin Smith, Professional Nit-Picker

headwraplicebwHere I will do my best to answer all those questions you may be wondering about or afraid to ask! In short, No, I haven’t had lice, and Yes, I love my work. If you want the real details on Lice – facts, myths, and FAQ – check out my Lice 101 page.

– Kristin Smith, The Crazy Lice Lady

Have you ever gotten lice?

Actually, NO. I have been Nit Picking for over 10 years and I have never gotten lice.  For extra protection, I always wear my hair up, dry my clothes in high heat after treating families or performing school head checks.

How did you become a professional Nit Picker?

I was a professional Nanny for over 10 years and during that time I worked with some families whose children had lice. I would spend hours helping the moms comb out lice, and found that with practice,  they were easy to see and remove by hand. I became fast at spotting them, and the next thing I knew there was a line of kids for me to check. Then about 5 years ago I helped a family I babysat for eradicate lice, the mom then called the school nurse and told her about my nit picking “talent”. The word spread that I was a nit picker and the rest is history!

I bet you don’t hug anyone, or do you?

Yes, of course I hug people. I hug family and friends and clients only after they have been treated by me!

How can you handle all the bugs?

Believe it or not, I really don’t like bugs, but most of the time the bugs are dead, and I’m just removing the eggs (nits). I actually really enjoy nit picking. It’s almost calming in a way, and I really enjoy meeting new people.

How many kids can you check in one day?

About 500, give or take a few!

What is the busiest time of year for head lice out breaks?

I have noticed fall to be the busiest, when kids return from summer camp, family vacations are over, and kids are returning to school.