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Are head lice infestations common at your school? Need help with prevention and removal?

Missed classes, upset parents, nervous students … a lice infestation at your day or boarding school can be a major disruption to the learning environment. Imagine having a program in place to not only treat infestations, but ultimately prevent them. My professional lice prevention program will maintain control throughout the school year, preventing a major school-wide lice infestation.


As a professional nit-picker for public and private schools, I have found that if you don’t check the entire student body, then the problem doesn’t really go away and students will get repeat infestations. Unfortunately even the best school nurse simply doesn’t have the time to check every child for head lice, a key step for efficient management of a lice infestation.

My School Head Lice Prevention Program Includes:

Over the course of the school year I will perform 5 head checks per student. These are most successful when scheduled at the start of the school year, and after long holidays or school breaks, when many families travel or boarding students have visited home. The sooner we catch the infestation, the sooner we can prevent it from spreading to other students. I need 100% cooperation from the students and staff to make this a smooth, fast, fun and successful process.


  • I will come to your school and check heads in a convenient location for teachers and students.
  • I can check approximately 300 students in one day.
  • I am happy to answer any questions parents might have if their child is positive with head lice.
  • An optional 6th head check that can be used anytime during the year if there should be an infestation in-between routine head checks.

Scheduling and Fees

My calendar fills up quickly and spots are given out on a first come first serve basis. I would recommend scheduling all 5 head checks before school starts in the fall.

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The lice prevention program is $35/per student, which covers 5 head checks throughout the year. Should the optional 6th head check be required, the fee is $7 / per student.

Schools may choose to cover these services from existing funds, or bill parents for the service. Payment must be made through the school business office, and may be paid up front, or at a rate of 1/5 of the total amount at completion of each of the five standard head checks.