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Think you might have lice? Here are some of the telltale symptoms.

While not all people show signs of lice, it is helpful to know the typical symptoms to watch for. The earlier you catch a manifestation, the easier it will be to get rid of! And yes, it is normal to suddenly feel itchy even just hearing that you might have been exposed to lice…


  • gentle tickling feeling on your head
  • poppy seed sized, brownish egg sacs (also called nits) that cling to the hair close to the scalp
  • a rash down the back of the neck
  • small sores on the scalp
  • brownish grey bugs the size of sesame seeds can sometimes be seen, but don’t be surprised if you don’t catch a glimpse – they’re fast
  • itchy scalp can start weeks or months after you get lice
  • the most common areas to feel itchy are behind the ears and down the back of your neck.

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